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Item # item-98207, Atlas Robotic System Capabilities

  • Operates for long periods without worker involvement.
  • Reduced "total cost of installation".
  • Consistent, quality installations.
  • Requires minimal work area.
  • Production flexibility.
The Atlas Robotic technology offers a completely automated and intelligent system for worker-free part handling and fastener installation. The robotic assembly system can reduce installed fastener costs, increase quality installations, improve job productivity, and reduce floor-space requirements. We can provide the components or the entire system based on your needs.

The demonstration robot shown here positions a workpiece into a holding fixture utilizing an interchangeable end-of-arm (EOA) tooling hand. Then the system automatically switches to the installation tool and, as shown above, installs the fasteners in a pick-and-place format. The workpiece can remain stationary while the six-axis articulated robot performs installations. This enables multiple fastener insertions at different surface angles without a need for workpiece repositioning. System components and capabilities can be configured to meet your specific assembly needs.




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