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Item # KFE-4.2-4ET

Standoffs available with or without threads for mounting on P.C. boards, for spacing or stacking. Thread sizes #4, #6 and M3.
Can satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, and board-to- chassis production fastening needs using less attachment hardware.

Broaching Fasteners
  • PEM broaching fasteners can be utilized with all types of PC boards, as well as with acrylic and polycarbonate components. They install simply, quickly, and permanently for secure and reliable attachment. Their use eliminates the need for washers, lock washers, nuts, and other excess hardware.
  • The PEM family of broaching fasteners includes broaching nuts (Types KF2 and KFS2) with permanent threads for board mounting or component attachment; threaded or unthreaded standoffs (Types KFE and KFSE) for stacking or spacing and flare mounted standoffs (Type KFB3) for greater pullout performance; threaded studs (Type KFH) for use as solderable connectors or as permanently mounted mechanical fasteners with external threads; all-metal standoffs (Type KSSB) featuring a spring action to hold a PC board securely without screws or threaded hardware; self-expanding FOILGARD® fasteners (Type KPS6) used in plated thru-holes in multi-layer PC Boards; and one-piece board-mount screw assemblies (Type PFK) with captive screws for easy mounting and removal of PC boards.
Quantity Discount Available.
Request Quote for orders less than 1000 or 5000, depending on fastener type.

 Specifications   Material & Finish Specifications   



Thru Hole (+0.10 / -0.08)

4.2 mm

Length L (± 0.13)

4 mm

Thread or Thru Hole Code


A (Shank) Max.

1.53 mm

Min. Sheet Thickness

1.53 mm

Hole Size in Sheet (+0.8)

6.4 mm

C (± 0.08)

6.86 mm

E (± 0.13)

8.74 mm

Min. Dist. Hole C/L to Edge

7.1 mm



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PC Boards Fasteners Specs Sheet
(PDF, 284KB)

Performance Data
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