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300 Self-Clinching Nuts (Metric)

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    Installs into stainless steel sheets as thin as .030" / 0.8 mm. Thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.
    For load-bearing threads in thin sheets - aluminum, steel, and other ductile materials.
    • Proved Performance
      For over 60 years, PEM brand self-clinching fasteners have satisfied production and fastening requirements wherever load-bearing threads are required in thin metal sections too thin to tap.
    • Quick, convenient assembly using standard tools
      Installation of PEM brand self-clinching nuts is simple, quick, and convenient. Just insert them in punched or drilled holes, then apply a squeezing force to embed the clinching ring completely in the sheet metal.
    • High pushout & torque-out resistance
      The clinching ring locks the displaced metal behind the tapered shank, ensuring high pushout resistance. High torque-out resistance is ensured when the knurled platform is embedded in the sheet metal.
    • Distortion-free installation
      Proper installation forces will not distort or damage the threads in PEM nuts because the recommended shank length is always less than the minimum sheet thickness.
    • Reverse side remains flush
      All clinching takes place on the fastener side of the sheet. The reverse side remains flush and smooth.
    • Self-clinching Locknuts
    • These locknuts (Type SL™) are designed with a unique and economical TRI-DENT® locking feature, which meets demanding locking performance requirements.
    • Thin Sheet Self-clinching Nuts
      These nuts (Type SMPS™) feature a lower profile and can be mounted closer to the edge of a sheet than standard self-clinching nuts.
    • Self-clinching nuts for stainless steel
      PEM 300® self-clinching nuts (Type SP™) are especially designed for permanent installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as .030"/ 0.8 mm.
      Machined from a specialty stainless steel, these fasteners are then heat-treated to a hardness higher than most 300 Series stainless steels. This feature enables PEM 300 fasteners to be installed into stainless steel sheets, employing the same self-clinching principle which has proved successful over the years in thousands of applications.

    Quantity Discount Available.
    Request Quote for orders less than 1000 or 5000, depending on fastener type.

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Item #


Thread Size x Pitch

A (Shank) Max.

Sheet Thickness

Hole Size in Sheet (+0.08)


SP-M3-0 SP M3 x 0.5 0.77 mm 0.8 - 1 mm 4.22 mm {}
SP-M3-1 SP M3 x 0.5 0.97 mm 1.01 - 1.39 mm 4.22 mm {}
SP-M3-2 SP M3 x 0.5 1.38 mm 1.4 mm (Min.) 4.22 mm {}
SP-M4-0 SP M4 x 0.7 0.77 mm 0.8 - 1 mm 5.41 mm {}
SP-M4-1 SP M4 x 0.7 0.97 mm 1.01 - 1.39 mm 5.41 mm {}
SP-M4-2 SP M4 x 0.7 1.38 mm 1.4 mm (Min.) 5.41 mm {}
SP-M5-0 SP M5 x 0.8 0.77 mm 0.8 - 1 mm 6.35 mm {}
SP-M5-1 SP M5 x 0.8 0.97 mm 1.01 - 1.39 mm 6.35 mm {}
SP-M5-2 SP M5 x 0.8 1.38 mm 1.4 mm (Min.) 6.35 mm {}
SP-M6-1 SP M6 x 1 1.38 mm 1.4 mm (Min.) 8.75 mm {}
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1