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Type AE - Standard Full-Hex Inserts (Unified)

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MaxTite® threaded inserts are designed for high-load applications. Countersunk feature allows fastener to install flush with sheet. Available with rib or key features for high-torque applications.
  • Atlas Blind threaded inserts are designed to provide strong threads in thin panel sections. They are called "blind" because they can be installed from one side of the panel. Access to both sides is not required. That's why these fasteners are ideally suited for tubing, extrusion, and other similar types of applications.
  • There are three types: SpinTite®, MaxTite®, and Plus+Tite® Fasteners. The SpinTite types are used for most applications where strong threads are required for blind applications. They are installed from one side using a spin/spin technique. The clockwise spinning action of the pneumatic tool draws the fastener in, compressing the unthreaded portion of the fastener wall. The bulge that is created presses against the panel creating a clamping force which tightly grips the sheet. In addition to high thread strength and torque-out, these fasteners have minimal inventory requirements since each size can accommodate many grip ranges.
  • The heavy duty MaxTite types are designed for the most demanding applications. They are installed from one side using a "spin/pull" technique. A hydraulic/pneumatic tool is used to draw the fastener in, creating the bulge and clamping force as described above.
  • The blind Plus+Tite inserts feature a pre-bulbed slotted body that folds into four petals upon installation, gripping the backside of the parent material. These inserts can be installed into single, variable, or multiple thickness materials using Atlas Series 800 pneumatic tools or an Atlas Series AE 40 pneumatic/hydraulic tool.
  • The advantages of Atlas blind threaded fasteners include:
    • Fast, easy one-sided installation.
    • Strong, permanent threads in thin panels.
    • Installs anytime during production, in painted panels, in the field, and repair applications.
    • Works in close-to-edge applications.
    • Attaches to panels of any hardness.
    • Utilizes light, compact, cost-effective installation tooling.
    • Can assemble multiple dissimilar materials during installation.
Quantity Discount Available.
Request Quote for orders less than 1000 or 5000, depending on fastener type.

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Item #


Fastener Material


Thread Size

Grip Range


AES10H85 AE Steel Full-hex body #10-32 0.010 - 0.085 in. {}
AES10H135 AE Steel Full-hex body #10-32 0.085 - 0.135 in. {}
AES10H185 AE Steel Full-hex body #10-32 0.135 - 0.185 in. {}
AES25H85 AE Steel Full-hex body 1/4-20 0.020 - 0.085 in. {}
AES25H145 AE Steel Full-hex body 1/4-20 0.085 - 0.145 in. {}
AES25H205 AE Steel Full-hex body 1/4-20 0.145 - 0.205 in. {}
AES31H105 AE Steel Full-hex body 5/16-18 0.030 - 0.105 in. {}
AES31H175 AE Steel Full-hex body 5/16-18 0.105 - 0.175 in. {}
AES31H245 AE Steel Full-hex body 5/16-18 0.175 - 0.245 in. {}
AES37H115 AE Steel Full-hex body 3/8-16 0.030 - 0.115 in. {}
AES37H205 AE Steel Full-hex body 3/8-16 0.115 - 0.205 in. {}
AES37H295 AE Steel Full-hex body 3/8-16 0.205 - 0.295 in. {}
  Results 1 - 12 of 12 1