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Type KSSB for Broaching into PC Boards (Metric)

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Accurately space a P.C. board or panel from a metal chassis simply by snapping board on standoff.
  • PEM SNAP-TOP® Standoffs (Types SSA, SSS, SSC, KSSB) are designed for permanent installation into metal panels or PC boards.
  • These all-metal standoffs use a spring action to hold PC boards and subassemblies securely, while allowing for quick removal. Screws and other threaded hardware are eliminated. This means less parts to handle during assembly and less risk of damaging delicate circuitry because of loose parts falling into your equipment.
  • These standoffs are permanently installed in the panel by squeezing them into a punched or drilled hole using any standard press.
Quantity Discount Available.
Request Quote for orders less than 1000 or 5000, depending on fastener type.

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Item #


Fastener Material

Top Panel Mounting Hole Dia. Code

Length (L)


KSSB-4MM-8 KSSB Brass 4mm 8 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-10 KSSB Brass 4mm 10 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-12 KSSB Brass 4mm 12 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-14 KSSB Brass 4mm 14 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-16 KSSB Brass 4mm 16 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-18 KSSB Brass 4mm 18 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-20 KSSB Brass 4mm 20 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-22 KSSB Brass 4mm 22 mm {}
KSSB-4MM-25 KSSB Brass 4mm 25 mm {}
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1